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The Surgeflex 32 is a mobile system for testing and fault locating on low and medium voltage cables. The test and surge voltage of up to 32 kV makes the SPG 32 suitable for all low voltage and medium voltage cable networks. The KLV® (Short time Arc Reflection Method) is used for prelocation of high resistance faults up to 32 kV. The burning of faults is possible in all voltage levels by short-term burning.

The Teleflex T30-E offers integrated user guidance and single button rotary encoder operation shows automatically the far end of cable and fault distance in the ARM®-Mode. The "Step-by-Step Easy Mode" guides even inexperienced users through the fault locating process to an successful location. The alternative "Expert-Mode" provides free access to all parameters for comprehensive fault locating even under difficult conditions.

1750 Joules (optional 3500 J) of surge energy provide the necessary high power for fast and accurate pinpointing cable faults by the acoustic method. The portable Surgeflex 32 is mounted on a trolley with large wheels which makes the unit suitable for easy field operation. The system can also be fixed installed into a vehicle