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Bi-polar gerilim düşümü yöntemi ile Kılıf Arıza Yer Sistemi

Test, Prelocation ve kılıf arıza noktasal tespit. Kolay, hızlı ve hassas.


± 10 kV DC kadar Voltaj
750 mA sürekli akım
Sadece bir YG bağlantı kablosu
Enkoder ve dokunmatik ekran tarafından Operasyonu
Otomatik ölçüm ve protocolling

The intuitive menu guided operation of the MFM 10 with fully automatic measurement and evaluation permits in the easiest way the testing of cable sheaths and prelocation and pinpointing of cable sheath faults.

The entry of data happens via the long approved SebaKMT Jogdial principle supported by a touch screen.

A multi section facility permits the entry of cable segments with different parameters.

The very powerful 10 kV DC source with positive and negative polarity allows the testing of HV cables, even with thicker outer sheath, and the bipolar function permits the elimination of external thermoelectric and galvanic influences.

The available high current of up to 750 mA enables even the burning of difficult sheath faults.

The integrated protocolling feature provides in combination with the approved Easyprot Software an easy and reliable report generation.

All Features at a glance

  • Solid IP54 PELI trolley case – Easy handling
  • Wide range input for all supply voltages
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires and test leads
  • Very fast and fully automatic measurement
  • Detection, storage and indication of fast events
  • Protocolling by Easyprot Software
  • Burning
  • Slim HV-connector and just 1 cable
  • Detection of correct hook-up to cable under test
  • Fault locating of high resistive faults inside cables
  • Integrated discharge